Water Lily Eco-Friendly Rain Showerhead

Water Lily Eco-Friendly Rain Showerhead This showerhead is like no other showerhead we have featured before!

This luxurious and maximum-flow showerhead happens to be environmentally friendly! Instead of conserving water while you’re taking a shower, Evolve’s ShowerStartâ„¢ technology saves the hot water that’s wasted before you actually get in. The result – save time, hot water, energy and money without giving up a single thing. Taking your shower never felt so good and now you don’t have to worry about that pesky shrinkage problem.

Evolve’s integrated ShowerStart technology has something called Trickle Mode that prevents expensive hot water from unnecessarily running down the drain before you actually get in the shower. It does this by automatically entering trickle mode once the water reaches bathing temperature, approximately 95°F (35° C) and stays there until you pull the chain to resume normal water flow. If the water flowing to the showerhead has reached this temperature, your Evolve showerhead goes into trickle mode the moment you turn it on. This typically happens when users are taking showers within a few minutes of one another. It could also happen if your bathroom became exceptionally hot – above 95° F (35° C). In either event, pulling the chain will resume your showerhead’s normal flow if it is in trickle mode when the water is turned on.

Have you tried Rain Showerhead’s before only to find they have no pressure? Someone at Smarthome actually spent hands-on time researching and testing this product and had this to say:

My hair takes forever to rinse, so the low water pressure in most water-saver (low-flow) showerheads doesn’t work for me. In fact, most rain showerheads are too low pressure for me. This gentle rain showerhead actually rinses my hair as well as a water-wasting high-pressure showerhead, and I can feel good about using it.

This sounds like a perfect Valentine’s gift to this Geek! Eco-friendly meets luxury for a nice warm shower from the start.


Suggested Price: $69.99

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  1. Low flow showerheads have gotten a bad rap because of past performances and deservingly so — but todays low flow showerheads are much better and you can’t beat the savings. There is one unique low flow showerhead on the market that I believe out performs any and all eco friendly showerheads bar none. Check out the video and see for yourself.

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