Bug Labs to release DIY ‘open source’ hardware product


One of our fellow bloggers, Jeremy, who is a tech consultant to various companies, posted some links and photos about/of the upcoming new product of one of his clients. His client is Bug Labs, and the product is the BUG. Yup, that probably has no impact on you, but read on, b/c this is exciting stuff.

So what is BUG? Paraphrasing their description, it’s a open-source hardware. No, you don’t get the hardware for free, but you get to slap it together to form whatever device you need. The base of the BUG has a Linux kernel, hackable of course, WiFi, battery, Ethernet, USB and the ability to have other modules mounted and connected to it. As for the software running on it, that’s all open source.

So imagine being able to snap together your own camera or WiFi access point or portable media player all programmed to your specs, your needs and wants.

Honestly, there’s no better way to get a feel for what this can do than by watching a video! Once you’re done, check out some nice clean photos of the base and modules.

Last bit – why they named themselves Bug Labs and the product, BUG.