ReplayTV Personal HD – DVR for your PC

ReplayTV Personal HD

ReplayTV and TiVo started at approximately the same time, if memory serves me correctly, ReplayTV was the first one to bring a product to market. Boy were those first boxes expensive. After a number of moves that saw ReplayTV change hands, they are back with a new product, the ReplayTV Personal HD. The ReplayTV Personal HD is another step in the evolution of timeshifting and placeshifting devices, as you can record and then take it with you.

The ReplayTV Personal HD comes with a USB 2.0 ATSC/NTSC hybrid tuner that gives you over the air HDTV reception; a remote control and software to manage your hardware and recordings. Features include integration with iPods and Apple TV, allowing you to copy your TV shows over to your iPod and/or watch via AppleTV. If you have additional TV Tuner cards in your PC, then ReplayTv’s software allows you to record multiple shows at once.

Essential to the whole process is finding what you want to watch, and better still, having the software intelligently record what you like. ReplayTV’s software provides a Channel Guide that is free for the first year and $19.95/yr after that.

At about $100, the ReplayTV Personal HD is a compelling solution for those of us that spend more time in front of a computer than the TV.

Stay tuned, as we hope to do a review of the ReplayTV Personal HD soon.

Price: $99.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)