World of Warcraft Action Figures

WoW Action Figures

Quite a number of popular video games have strong characters and those characters have translated well into action figures. I can still remember the universe of Star Wars that were around the 3″ height and size, but this new generation of figures are considerably larger, sometimes twice as big, and incredibly more detailed, with a rich amount of detail.

The particular batch we’re featuring today is a set of 4 characters from WoW (World of Warcrack… uhh… Warcraft). In the first pic, you see Valeera Sanguinar, the Blood Elf Rogue in her stunning red outfit. The other 3 characters are Rehgar Earthfury, the legendary Orc Shaman; Thargas Anvilmar, the Dwarf Warrior; and Meryl Felstorm, the fearsome Undead Warlock. With the exception of Thargas who is 5″ tall, the other 3 are at least 7″ tall.


Time to collect all 4.

Price: $49.99
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