Black & Decker Revinvents the Shredder with the iShred Vertical Shredder

Black & Decker iShred Vertical ShredderShredding your sensitive documents is always the best thing you can do, and a large proportion of households invest in shredders to help reduce the risk of identity theft in this modern world. The only problem with shredders is that their design hasn’t really altered from when they were first brought to the personal and home office markets many years ago; no one ever thought that shredders could ever become anything beautiful – they were always destined to get shoved under a desk, all alone.

Black & Decker has done something radical to the shredder revolution however; their iShred Vertical Shredder has completely revamped the personal shredder, in a positive way of course. It’s turned the boring mesh basket into an art form and now something you can actually display in your home. Now, the iShred Vertical Shredder could very easily be mistaken for a top of the range designer speaker system.

No features have been sacrificed in the name of beauty either – the shredder can still shred paper, staples and credit cards to a tiny size of 0.16″ by 0.75″, protecting your identity. The blades are fully enclosed for extra safety and a little viewing is provided to watch what’s happening. With a trusted brand such as Black&Decker behind this product however, you can be sure it won’t let you down. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of dull office furniture.

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