Battery Free Wireless Mouse with Magic Pad

Battery Free Wireless Mouse with Magic Pad Do you complain about your computer mouse? The little guy works hard but some have serious design flaws. For example, some mouse cords are simply too short and people have to lift and replace the mouse on the desk over and over to scroll from one side of the screen to the next. Some corded mice are too long and start to interfere with the mouses true design. Cordless mice aren’t always the answer. At my last job a particular employee would call once every two or so months complaining that their computer wouldn’t work. The first two times, after discovering that she had already “turned it off and on again”, I found the mouse with dead batteries was the culprit.

Boy how I could of used one of these for her. This battery free wireless optical mouse and magic power pad will free you from cords and endless battery changes, and it’s smooth operation will never let you down.

Battery Free wireless mouse with dual scroll wheels allows horizontal & vertical scrolling. Wireless Optical Technology delivers high resolution with pinpoint accuracy. Enjoy a clean and organized computing environment. This mouse features a vertical scroll wheel to view up and down pages and a horizontal scroll wheel to view wide spreadsheets. There are also 4 quick functions: Zoom In/out of which supports more than 100 useful programs, and backward/forward webpage, and previous/next document. So exactly how does this work, being battery free and wireless? Global Innovation- the A4Tech Battery Free Wireless Optical Mouse does not need the battery to keep powered on. It works with its partner-the Ingenious Mouse Pad. The mouse pad transfers instant & constant power to the mouse using Electromagnetic Induction Technology.


Suggested Price: $29.99