Review: Silverlit Palm-Z mini RC biplane

Review: Palm-Z mini RC airplaneI recently took Silverlit’s Palm-Z mini RC biplane for a test run. Here are my thoughts on it.

Unlike some other mini RC models that I’ve tested, the Palm-Z came out of the box almost ready to fly and only needed a little trimming before I was up and flying just fine. I also found it much easier to fly from the get go than say the Picco Z helicopter. Depending on how you look at things, this is either a pro or a con. If you’d rather be up and having fun quickly, the Palm-Z is for you. On the other hand, the Picco Z will offer you a longer lifetime of play as you try to master it.

Like most other mini RC models in this class, the Palm-Z charges up by attaching it to its remote control which takes 4 AA batteries, and offers up to x minutes of flying time on only y minutes of charge time. There are 3 different designs that operate on different frequencies, so you can have fun with 2 of your friends in the same room.

Trimming was pretty easier as there was a adjustment lever on the remote control itself and you can hold the plane in one hand while you got the rudder straightened out. This is certainly much easier than flying it around and trying to trim it.

Just a few cons. More precise control of the plane’s turns would have been possible if the rudder turns were more granular. Moving the lever on the remote to either side, no matter how much, would flip the rudder to its most extreme position. I also unfortunately quickly found out that the Palm-Z isn’t that hardy as I managed to crash it such that I broke the rear rudder attachment and with it, the wire that ran from the central receiver/motor housing to the rudder. This is probably an easy fix for RC enthusiasts, but many buyers may not be interested in having to fix their models on a regular basis.

For the price (approx $30), the Palm-Z is a pretty inexpensive and fun toy for yourself or gift for another. If you’re willing to deal with a couple of issues, which you may not mind, the Palm-Z is for you.

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