Greener Gadget Design Competition Announced

Green Gadgets The promoters of the Greener Gadgets Conference coming next month announced a design competition for greener gadgets. Designers are encouraged to create gadgets that help people lower their carbon footprint by minimizing the impact on the environment from consumer electronics in areas such as materials, labor, assembly, packaging, transportation, retailing and use and disposal.

Entrants will be judged on innovation, clarity of design, originality, form and presentation by representatives of Greener Gadgets and partner Core77, an industrial design website. Inhabitat and Marc Alt + Partners will present the Greener Gadgets Conference being held Feb. 1 in New York City.

The deadline to enter the contest is Jan. 27. One grand prize entry, earning $2,500 in cash, and two runner-ups, each earning $1,000, will be showcased at the conference.

To enter the design competition, visit

Source: GreenBiz