AutoChron Offers Smart Home for $30

Autochron Wall Switch TimerOne of the things I feel is holding back the ‘smart house’ revolution is that (many times) to install all the proper gadgetry you would need to get your house rewired and re-plastered – not a cheap option by all means!

AutoChron seems to have come up with a solution to this by offering an automatic and programmable timer that can be slipped on over your existing wall switches and be used to control them without having to do any messy and invasive work to your walls. You can therefore use this piece of hardware to control anything with a switch from your lights to your fan.

While the box does cover the whole of the switch, a manual override is still available so that you can still use the switch how you want without having to remove the box every time you want to switch a light on. Between 1 and 9 settings can be left for every 24 hour period, so you can set it up to flick that switch 9 times a day; anyone thinking about burgling the house really will think twice about it.

One other key advantage making this item so popular is its price; a mere $31 to make your house more secure and help you save electricity What are you waiting for?

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Price: $30.98
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