Scrabble Cufflinks

These cuff links are the perfect gift for the game enthusiast. Scrabble game pieces that are attached to gold or silver cuff links can make you the talk of the party. You get to choose the letters personally. This is definitely a unique idea that will spell out your fashion style. These cufflinks are sure… Continue reading Scrabble Cufflinks

Lego Chess Game

A chess game that puts the boring pieces aside and places real pawns in their places. This game just got a lot more interesting. The pieces are like a little army prepared for battle to defend their King. The Lego pawns are equipped with the proper armor. This game is great to play on the… Continue reading Lego Chess Game

Clocky – With a Chrome Finish

This is great for those sleepers who hit the alarm clock over and over again. You know what I am talking, the people that are running around throwing their clothes on trying to get to work on time because they have over slept. They didn’t have time to really brush their hair or their clothes… Continue reading Clocky – With a Chrome Finish


This is an awesome addition to any kitchen especially for people who are cooking out of many different pots at one time. Mothers who are always burning one pot or the other will greatly appreciate this new product. A timer you can place on each individual pot with a potholder is a great idea. Most… Continue reading Pot-Tickers

Clickfree Automatic Backup Integrated External Hard Drive

This ClickFree product is one of the first of its kind. The best part about it is that you do not have to do anything but plug it in to your computer. This gizmo will start to back up files all on its own. No more time wasted on installing programs that take too much… Continue reading Clickfree Automatic Backup Integrated External Hard Drive