Pot Ticker

This is an awesome addition to any kitchen especially for people who are cooking out of many different pots at one time. Mothers who are always burning one pot or the other will greatly appreciate this new product. A timer you can place on each individual pot with a potholder is a great idea. Most people only have one timer or if you are like me I use the timer on my microwave then use the watch on my wrist. I always lose track of the time because it can not warn me that the time is up so I usually burn at least one thing.

I cook three meals a day. With that many, I usually end up nearly burning something because not only do I have the dinner to deal with but I have two children who are screaming “is it done yet?!” By the time you deal with them you forget what pot you started first and how much time is left. This new gizmo will definitely eliminate that problem.

Price: $9.00
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