Apple iLife and OS X Updated

The 8th major version of Mac OS X was officially announced on 10/20/2010 at the Apple Media Special Event. Codenamed “Lion”, Jobs calls this release “OS X meets iPad” with features including multi-touch gestures, Mac App store, auto install apps, one-click download for apps, auto update, licensed for all personal Macs, app home screen called the Launchpad, full screen apps, auto save, auto resume and Mission Control which provides a dashboard of all spaces, apps and widgets running.

Check out the iLife 11 updates below.

iPhoto 11 includes an incredible looking full screen mode, new project view, Facebook enhancements, email photos easily with themes, new slideshow themes and new integration with photo printing including the ability to create letterpress cards.

iMove 11 includes new auto editing, one step effects, people finder and new sports themes and movie trailers.

Garageband has been enhanced with flex time and groove matching to sync timing globally, more guitar amps and effects and new piano and guitar lessons including a “how did I play?” feature.

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