DXG claims only 3D Video Camcorder

3D Video CamcorderCamera maker DXG has their ‘3D’ video camcorder on sale at Hammacher Schlemmer. No, it’s probably not the only one out there, but it is somewhat affordable at $600. That includes a 7″ playback screen as well.

This handheld shoots video at 640×480 and stores them in AVI format, with an hour of video taking up about 1GB. It does take SD cards to increase its storage.

The camera uses 2 lenses and a ‘trick’ called parallax barrier to give the video depth without the need for special glasses.

We’d probably stick to a nice High-Def camcorder instead of this standard-def novelty. Perhaps 3D will improve to the point where it’s more appealing (and in HD!).

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Price: $599.99
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