Apple outgrows PC industry 4.5 years straight

At the Apple Special Media Event this past week, the Apple slogan was “Back to the Mac”.

We found out that the Mac makes up 33% of Apple’s revenue stream which is equal to $22B. If Apple spun the Mac division off, the Mac division would instantly rank as a Fortune 110 company. Last year, Apple sold 13.7M units which is three times as many as in FY 2005 with an install base now just shy of 50M users.

Additionally, year over year growth has standard PC growth around 11% while Apple is growing at 2.5x the market rate at 27% growth and the Mac has outperformed the PC for the past 18 quarters straight (4.5 years). Apple is on a roll as their stock price demonstrates.

Finally, developers have are coming to Apple as there are 600k registered developers releasing titles including Afterlife, AutoCad and Office 11 with Outlook. Game developers have finally started to come back to the Mac platform after nearly disappearing in the 90s.

There are 318 Apple stores in 11 countries (and the Beijing and other China stores are the busiest) with 75M visitors. 2.8M Macs are sold in the stores and about 50% of the Macs sold are to consumers NEW to the Mac.