11Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Geeks

Christmas is just around the corner and the gifts have been (hopefully) purchased, wrapped and under the tree. But don’t forget about the stockings hanging over the fireplace! Filling that stocking is part of the fun  because you can squeeze in lots of little gifts and treats. Here are 11 ideas to stock your geek’s stocking this Christmas.

  1. Figurines: The Star Wars franchise makes all sorts of great stocking stuffers especially miniature figurines and toys. Get the geek in your life the whole collection and make their Christmas that much better!
  2. Cards: Get on Ebay and find old baseball card collections that are still for sale. Surprise that collector with a new batch of cards in their stocking.
  3. Comics and Crosswords: Roll up a comic book or crossword puzzles and place them in their stocking for the reading lover in your life.
  4. Candy: This goes without saying, who doesn’t love candy? Geek or not.
  5. Old school toys: Think of the old toys that are now considered vintage like slinkies and Gameboys.
  6. Fun USB: There are all sorts of goofy and geeky USB’s like sushi shaped ones or hamburgers and at a pretty low cost.
  7. Legos: Doesn’t matter the age you are everyone loves Legos. Fun for the whole family to partake in.
  8. Head scratcher: These things come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors-get your geek one for the office to relax. Added bonus: some vibrate!
  9. Keychains: Mini key plush toys on the end of your key chains are the way to go, especially if they make some funny noises. Light sabers are the popular ones!
  10. Rubik cube: Whether you go with the old school version with the stickers or the newer ones with a whole in the center, perfect stocking stuffer for puzzle lovers.
  11. Wireless speaker: This is a great gift idea for those the geeks who do a lot of presentations, watch a lot of videos or listen to music. Mini wireless speakers are the way to go!

The key to getting the best stocking stuffers is to find small, inexpensive and fun gifts! So whether you get them a crossword puzzle or speakers, they will love it anyway because it’s the thought that counts. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Debra Johnson is a blogger and the editor of Liveinnanny.com.

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