Passwords Are Not Broken, but How We Choose Them Sure Is

By Bruce Schneier, author of recent book, Carry On: Sound Advice from Schneier on Security I’ve been reading a lot about how passwords are no longer good security. The reality is more complicated. Passwords are still secure enough for many applications, but you have to choose a good one. And that’s hard. The best way […]

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Review: Dark Energy’s Reservoir – 8000 mAh Portable Charger

Another portable charger you say? But wait, you’ll want to read about this one. The $129 Reservoir from Dark Energy is an 8000 mAh monster that can do double duty charging either 2 phones at once or 1 phone and 1 tablet. I love the design – the all black, rubberized look with the pattern […]

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Review: Doxie One portable scanner

I love the Doxie One. Paperless nirvana, here I come. I’ve dreamed of a paperless and more importantly, an electronic document repository, for a long time, but that has been mostly a dream as I’ve dreaded having to haul my papers over to my clunky all-in-one printer-scanner, then scan papers 1 or a few at […]

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Your Detailed Guide to Safe Online Shopping

From 2002 to 2011, online e-commerce sales have quadrupled to $256B, and an estimated 47% of consumers purchased their holiday items online in 2011. These numbers have been trending upward for over a decade and you are probably one of those online shoppers if you’re reading this article. This howto explains how you can be […]

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My Top Must-Have Tech Products that I Use Daily

Here’s my list of favorite, must-have, daily use Web and tech products (mainly software) inspired by Michael Arrington and his annual list over at Techcrunch. For some reason, this year, he hasn’t published a list (yet?). [Here’s his list from Jan 1, 2010.] There are 19 products on this list most of which I feel […]

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7 Kitchen Gadgets Geeks Will Love

star trek pizza cutter

Calling all cooking geeks! The time has come to put those handheld devices and laptops aside and get cooking. Even if you’ve never cooked a meal in your life it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun trying with these 7 unique kitchen gadgets inspired by all the things geeks love. Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 Pizza […]

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Amazon Races Ahead of Google, Apple with Digital Locker Called Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive just rolled out a number of related products revolving around storing your music, movies, photos or whatever in the cloud, Amazon’s cloud to be specific. Amazon just got a huge jump on Google, Apple, Microsoft and anyone else that wanted to get into this ‘digital locker’ game. And I use the word ‘game’ facetiously, […]

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My 12 Favorite Apps for the iPad that Rock!

Every few days I am asked what are the best apps for the iPad and what my iPad favorite apps are. In fact, last May, I wrote about My 12 Favorite iPad Apps where I called out 12 of the best apps for iPad so I thought I’d revisit the list to see if my […]

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Review: ION iPROFILE Turntable

ION iPROFILE Turntable with Direct-to-iPod Transfer

After I purchased my first CD player and started listening to CDs in the early eighties, my vinyl records were gradually eased out of play. CDs were the hottest item at the time so naturally I did not bother to replace the turntable stylus when it became worn, and the turntable was relegated to the […]

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Will Gmail’s Priority Inbox Work?

Gmail's Priority Inbox

Google has a new Gmail feature to help those of us suffering from e-mail overload – Priority Inbox. The idea is relatively simple. The Priority Inbox component watches your e-mail, what you read and reply to, what you delete and other signals and tries to ‘learn’ what you consider important. It then separates your Inbox […]

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