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Book Review: The Modern Web, Multi-Device Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

Peter Gasston follows up his CSS3 book (“The Book of CSS3“) with this more encompassing subject on web development. While I hardly need to restate a statistic that has been beaten to death in the past few years, mobile platforms are not only growing but outstripping traditional desktop computers in some parts of the world […]

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Password Breaches Require New Thinking

Password breaches are becoming more and more common on web sites as hacker groups seemingly obtain hashed (and sometimes clear) passwords almost on a weekly basis from various web providers. This past week alone had three high profile password leaks with LinkedIn, eHarmony and Last.FM. LinkedIn, a professional networking site, may have leaked as many […]

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Infographic on SOPA & PIPA

I’m sure you’ve heard about SOPA and PIPA by now, not to mention seeing the online protests in the form of blacked out websites, the most notable being Wikipedia. Here’s a cool infographic explaining what the bills are about and what their (unintended?) consequences are:

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Google Sidewiki Shutting Down

The latest Google project to be discontinuing and shutting down is the Google Sidewiki. Google Sidewiki was a browser sidebar that enabled people to contribute and read helpful information alongside any web page available as a feature in Google Toolbar. According to the announcement, Google Sidewiki will be shut down and all content deleted on […]

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Win a Lifetime 50GB Dropbox Account!

In my Top Daily-Use Products post, I listed Dropbox and it would still make the list if I revised that list, and that’s not even including the premium version; the free version is that good. Tech deal-of-the-day site, AppSumo is running a giveaway where 10 lucky winners will get a lifetime 50GB account, which normally […]

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D-Link’s MediaBridge Turns Ethernet Devices Wireless


D-Link’s new wireless N dual band MediaBridge (product code DAP-1513) allows you to extend your wireless network by adding in up to 4 extra devices to its 4 Ethernet ports and taking them wireless. This means you can expand your current network without running large lengths of cable around your house for those Ethernet-only devices.

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How to Download from Usenet


If you’re like most people, you have no idea what Usenet is. You’d probably be surprised to learn that Usenet is more than 30 Years old and more popular than ever. On Usenet you can find everything from indie musicians who want to promote their bands to hobby photographers’ sharing some of their shots with […]

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Ten Cool Things You Can Do With Twitter

Twitter has taken off in a larger way than perhaps even its founders ever imagined. Personally, when Twitter first appeared, I felt it had only limited appeal, at least in the way it was rolled out and marketed. Of course, Twitter has evolved and grown. And oh how it has grown. But did you know […]

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See If You Were Hacked by LulzSec

Lulz Security (aka LulzSec) have been responsible for some notorious hacks in the past 6 weeks that have made headlines, including the attack on the Sony PSN (Playstation Network). Thousands upon thousands of Facebook, GMail and PayPal accounts have been hacked and worse made public. Gizmodo has set up a tool to allow you to […]

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Humor: Can You Imagine a Real-World Social Network?


If you stop for a bit and think about how Facebook or any other social network operates, you may realize (if you have your profile wide open) that it really is a invasion of your privacy, albeit self-imposed. Just think about the information you stick up there. A couple of jokers have capitalized on this […]

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