ZYB – Sync your Cell Phone’s contacts to the Web

Think about it for just 1 second – you don’t remember any phone numbers any more, do you? Yup, neither do I. Problem is that many of those numbers I need are only stored in my cell phone. I’ve got a Palm and even now, I fail to sync it to the Palm desktop software on a regular basis. What would be easier is if I could just hit a button on my phone and get it backed up immediately. Enter zyb.com.

ZYB is an online service (go Web!) that works with most major mobile handsets and without any additional software in most cases. Naturally, ZYB promises that your contacts will be stored securely.

So that’s great, but is that it? Nope. ZYB thought about that and realized that in this day of Facebook, MySpace and a thousand other social websites, that they shouldn’t forget that component. You can share your contacts, or a subset of them with your friends and family. ZYB also sports a little Twitter-like feature called ‘Shouts’ where you can post a small message to your account that gets sent to your friends as text messages.

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  1. You can try ClickOVA – they are similar to ZYB in the sense that they will backup your contacts but ClickOVA will also backup your photos and videos on your camera phone. They are compatible with pretty much any phone and have an automatic upload system that you program to upload any new numbers, photos or videos. I have mine set once a day and haven’t had any problems with it. I’m even able to upload my pictures to flickr and facebook and my videos to youtube. Oh and its FREE!

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