Yogile – Photo Sharing Site with a Group Focus

Yogile makes itself out to be a group photo sharing site the likes of which we haven’t seen before – it offers simplicity that can’t be achieved elsewhere.

The feature that sells it for me is that anyone is able to submit photos to your account by email – unlike Flickr where every single photo has to be uploaded or emailed by you, you just set an address and anyone with photos can email them to that address as attachments and they’ll be posted online – your friends and family don’t even need to register.

Yogile uses the example of a wedding to illustrate the benefits of having a group email-upload system – where everyone has taken hundreds of digital photos, they can choose their best and email them to the website. Otherwise you’d spend ages hunting down the files from other people, lending them memory sticks or sending them emails all so you can upload them to other photo sharing sites! Yogile distributes the work to your friends and family. If they prefer, they can upload them in the “traditional” way too.

Each album you own gets its own email address and unique URL giving you the ability to allow members to contribute to and/or view individual albums. Free accounts are yo to 100MB per month, or you can go premium for $25 a year – the same as Flickr.

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