Wouldn’t You Say $60 is About Right for Mother’s Day Gift?

So how about this 7 inch widescreen LCD digital picture frame with clock, calendar and alarm? It’s only $59 (after $20MIR). The picture frame is widescreen which makes it easier to display landscape pictures and with a remote it’s easy to flip between pictures, click over to the calendar or clock setting.

It’s safe to say any Mother loves pictures of her kids, grand kids or anyone else in the family tree. That’s why you can’t go wrong with a digital picture frame.

digital picture frame

With Mother’s Day still a couple weeks away, you can order this perfect gift today and have plenty of time to load it up with family photos. I did a similar thing for last years Christmas and it was a hit. Brought tears to Grandma’s eyes.

Considering the $60 isn’t too much for a Mother’s day gift, feel free to check out more details on the 7 inch widescreen picture frame.

As for the company line we have:

“The full-featured AXN-9702 7-inch digital picture frame functions as a calendar, clock, and alarm, and also supports MP3 music playback. It comes with a card-style remote control, built-in memory that can store up to 15 pictures (depending on size), USB input jack, and an AC/DC power adapter. The super-slim remote controls viewing and music options to enhance your experience without leaving the sofa.

Use the USB jack to download media directly from a USB flash drive. SD, xD, MMC and Sony Memory Stick flash media compatibility make it easy to show off pictures without a PC. MP3 playback, built-in speakers, and the calendar and alarm functions round out a cool, convenient multimedia experience.

Comes with manufacturer’s limited warranty (90 days Labor; 1 year Parts).”

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  1. My mom bought one of these digital picture frames it was a waste of money. The brightness bothered her eyes and she did not understand how to use it. I just returned it and went to myframestore.com They have a huge selection of frames and the prices were the best. Now she thanks me everytime I come to her house for it. Happy mothers day everyone!

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