Winners Picked in the LAlarm Laptop Security Sweepstakes

Hey GfG readers – we’ve drawn the winners in our recently held giveaway of the LAlarm Laptop Security software and have sent out the e-mail notifications to the 30 lucky winners.

Congratulations to all of our winners! Stay tuned to the website and/or our RSS feed and/or our newsletter to find out the next time we have another sweepstakes.

Just in case any of the notifications got caught by spam filters, here is a list of the winners’ e-mail addresses (sanitized for your safety of course). If your e-mail address matches one of these and you didn’t get an e-mail from us, please shoot us a note to see if you’re a winner.

Winners’ e-mail addresses:
1. k2l***** at
2. hoy***** at
3. amb***** at
4. bla***** at
5. cwi***** at
6. jac***** at
7. jjf***** at
8. joh***** at
9. joh***** at
10. jpa***** at
11. lar***** at
12. ort***** at
13. pat***** at
14. rmc***** at
15. sha***** at
16. sta***** at
17. stu***** at
18. tim***** at
19. tol***** at
20. new***** at
21. pro***** at
22. jhk***** at
23. keg***** at
24. cak***** at
25. cor***** at
26. sia***** at
27. jwa***** at
28. cbo***** at
29. rev***** at
30. sas***** at