WakeMate Aims to Cure Grogginess

WakeMate Wristband and Phone AppWakeMate, an application and wristband for use with your phone, tracks your nightly sleeping patterns, and recommends a perfect time for you to wake up depending on how your body’s ┬ásleep cycle.

You simply snap the wristband on before you go to bed, tell your phone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android and others) ┬áthe latest time you’d like to wake up, and the WakeMate application will set off your alarm someone within 20 minutes before that latest time.

This benefits you by allowing you to wake up at a time your body is comfortable with, and therefore means you aren’t (as) groggy in the mornings. The WakeMate application also allows you to go on and check out your stats with the analytics program included so you can take a look at your sleep patterns.

It all works by a branch of sleep science called Actigraphy which measures your arousal levels based on the degree of your movements.

Similar products include the Sleeptracker, the Zeo, the Sleep Cycle iPhone app, and the aXbo.

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