Voice Analyze your Lover

An Israeli company, Nemesysco Ltd., has taken voice analysis technology previously only used by law enforcement and the like, and applied it to the business of ‘love’. They’ve come up with a line of products that supposedly can tell you whether or not your Significant Other or love interest is being honest with you. One of those products is the Online Love Detector which you call and then in turn call your SO. The current drawback is that if you’re using a cell phone, the mobile provider must be compatible with the service. I guess this company must just be getting started around the world, since they only list 3 providers, but I can see this being a hugely popular tool.

The online service is already hugely popular in Israel, where it receives 1.5 million minutes of calls per month. Nemesysco also has other Love Detector products including software for your PC and for your Pocket PC. They operate in similar ways by recording conversations and analyzing the voice data for patterns. According to their site, they claim to analyze 129 vocal parameters.