VHS2DVD Wizard – Converts VHS to DVD

VHS2DVD Wizard

VHS2DVD Wizard is another competitor in the VHS to DVD conversion market. It presents a simple and tidy way to transfer your VHS video tapes to DVDs. Sure it might not have the same features as some of the other competitors (round up) but it does it cheaper and perhaps with less hassle.

Plug in the 2 video cables to connect your PC via USB to your VHS player, install the software and simply hit play on your VCR. The software will capture it as it is playing and allow you to edit unwanted sections out at the end (such as ads) before finally burning it to DVD, or simply saving it on your computer for future viewings. The price ($50) is very similar to that of Honestech’s VHS to DVD Deluxe (which we’ve tested and reviewed in depth), but keep in mind that the Honestech product doesn’t care whether its VCR or any other analog source (audio and/or video) as long as it has RCA output jacks.

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Price: $49.99
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17 thoughts on “VHS2DVD Wizard – Converts VHS to DVD”

  1. I am interested in converting vhs tapes to dvd. Does your software guarantee in writing that the process will work with windows 7 operating system?

  2. when i try to installl the software, i get the dreaded, file is corrupt message and installation stops, any suggestions while i wait for the wizard site to respond?

  3. Hi Jackie – lots of possibilities:

    1. The CD/DVD you got is really corrupted. Totally possible. You'll need to get another one.

    2. If you downloaded it, then try re-downloading.

    3. I've seen installers fail because the OS/installer didn't like spaces in the directory where it was located. Try copying the installer .exe/.msi/.bat file and associated content to your C: or a sub-dir name without a space in the name.

    Good luck!

  4. when I copy vhs (Copyright) to my computer it is a little jerky and the sound is a little off,
    is this normal or do I need a faster computer?

  5. Khalid J Hosein

    Quite possibly (on the faster computer). But before you do that, you may also want to check your settings to see if you can improve the quality (the bitrates, etc.).

    Also a good idea to shoot the vendor's support an e-mail.

  6. Clarence Treat

    I will buy the VHS2DVD Wizard if it could be guaranteed that the resulting dvd will play on stand alone dvd players. I just took Roxio Easy Vhs to Dvd software back to Office depot because I could not get it to produce a playable dvd. What do ya' think. Treat

  7. I purchased the vhs2dvdwizard and installed it on my 32bit Windows 7 Ultimate system. I receive an HRESULT x0E0000204 error when I launch the application when the USB cable is connected. If I remove the USB cable and let the program default to my webcam (built in to laptop), it does not error out. I attempted contacting their support and after three messages, still have not heard back from them. I tried (1) completely reinstalling the app, directx etc. (2) installed on my desktop system running 32bit Vista Ultimate and (3) on an older Windows XP Home and all three receive the same error. I keep checking on their site for a reply from tech support, nothing going into SPAM/Junk mail on my side, but have not even gotten a courtesy reply to let me know if they are working on it. I tried a freebie program, far less quality than what I wanted, but it works. Any ideas? Anyone ever been able to get a reply from these guys?

  8. VHS2DVD wizard does not work. Do not buy it. It is defective. Sent mine back but DID NOT RECIEVE afull refund!!!

  9. This is Keith Gilbert from ClearClick Software. We refunded Keith Briggs' purchase within 24 hours after receiving his return back in July. Please disregard his statements above.

    As for anyone else seeking support for our product, please open a support ticket at http://support.vhs2dvdwizard.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  10. VHSto DVD is total junk. Never could get it to work. They gave me some supposed "fixes" but they never worked. Uninstalled and reinstalled like they said to do. Total waste of money. Worthless product.

  11. On the Capture Settings–My video device has a drop down for VHS2DVD Wizard Video Capture Device but on the Audio it doesn't. So what do i need to do now.

  12. I purchased this product and am very disappointed with the company's manual instruction and customer service. The only way to communicate provided at the website is through email. For over 2 weeks I would let the tech know the problem one day and wouldn't hear back until the next. Then that day what they suggested didn't work or allow me to record a dvd from a vcr and I emailed back. No one responded until the next day. This one day response went on for over 2 weeks and in desperate frustration I finally asked if someone could call me. The next day, a Thursday, I got an email from someone who said he would call, but not until next week! When I complained, I received a defensive email suggesting that I sent my emails after hours in the evenings when all but one was sent in the morning hours. Truly trying to save face in a situation they didn't want to accept responsibility for dragging me on, day after day. Seems they have a good idea for a product and good technicians to create, but poor instruction manual and customer service. I would recommend going elsewhere for this kind of product! Sammy

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