Pogue’s Review of the iPad

Sometimes it’s funny that the two of us are in the gadget blogging biz together. The iPad is a great example of that. Chief Gizmateer couldn’t wait to get his, and loves it. I on the other hand, didn’t really have any burning desire to own one. Not that I don’t think it’s a gorgeous looking gadget with a great deal of functionality.

Why is that? Well I think David Pogue’s recent review of the iPad included what I think is the main factor for me:

“And the techies are right about another thing: the iPad is not a laptop. It’s not nearly as good for creating stuff.”

And sure, there are going to be lots of people who are going to disagree with me, but I can think of two great examples where I’m better off with my ‘clunky’ laptop: lots and lots of typing and switching around my 2 dozen open applications.

By the way, just imagine – we’re so blasé about technology now that we’re starting to regard what is an incredible advancement in human history (a laptop computer) with disdain. Of course, you can guess that I’m still awed by technology on a regular basis, either in spite of or rather because I understand a fair amount about it.


  1. My review of the iPad: “It’s an iPhone — without a phone.”

    I win.

  2. The iPad is at a great price point for a home control interface that comes with other bells & whistles.

    Would I ever consider it as a replacement for my laptop??? They have a long, long way to go.

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