Helicopter Simulator for the serious Hobbyist

Harcore Helicopter Simulator Hardcore Helicopter Simulator hobbyist rejoice for now you have ability to purchase a serious Helicopter simulator from HotSeat Chassis, the makers of several simulator packages from driving to flying. We’ve tested some of their simulators at CES’ past and the chassis are really well made and really bring an additional element of immersion into simulators.

With the correct Cyclic, Collective and Anti-Torque Pedals all in the right place, you can train search and rescue helicopter fliers in the comfort of your gaming room while saving money for fuel.

Look Left-Ahead-Right and see all visual markers. Fly -VFR-IFR GPS direct with the 22″ Wide Screen Cockpit Display. Fly Glass and analog configurations that are correct for each Helicopter and many are included in Flight Sim X Gold fully installed, updated and tested, by HotSeat chassis. Slide-Away-Screen System puts everything in the right place and allows easy entry and exit.

The price you ask? You too can have a hardcore Helicopter Simulator for a mere $18,056… so what can we do to put you into one today?