Solitaire Chess Improves Chess and Logic Skills

The Solitaire Chess game appears to combine Solitaire and Chess, but really it’s just a good fun way of improving your chess and logic skills.

The game takes more fun aspect of chess that we all love – stealing the other person’s pieces – and builds a whole game around it.

You start off with 10 pieces (a king, queen, and 2 of knight, rook, pawn and bishop) and the aim is to take the other pieces shown on the board by the computer. There is a total of 60 challenges available at varying levels of difficulty, from beginner to expert.

This game is great for anyone wanting to learn to play chess as it uses the proper rules, and presents them in an easier way to grasp. For advanced players, it offers a new challenge and the opportunity to hone your logic skills for use in real chess games.

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