The Technology Week in view: 28th January 2008

This week Microsoft Powershell gets put under the spotlight in Power Shell. If you’ve heard of PowerShell (it used to be called Monad) or you haven’t but you are using Microsoft server systems then you really should be reading more about it so pop it onto your radar now. Powershell is an interesting technology that on the face of it doesn’t indicate much but lift the lid and it really is a revelation. The power of the thing and extensibility is surprising – you’ll soon be loving cmdlets. Here is a little tip if you have been receiving the Event 400 Powershell message in the event logs.

Computer networks are funny things, when everything is ok then they get little attention but the moment a problem occurs then all eyes are on you, fortunately there is a list of 42 ways to enhance and improve your network. These tips include Software, Hardware, Utilities, Wide Area, Local Area and other tips and if you manage networks will hopefully help you sleep a little easier at night. Remember, if you have a great computer networking tip then it is welcomed.

I talked previously about the Everex Cloudbook in here comes the Cloudbook – is this the dawn of the low cost UMPC? But it now looks like the cloudbook is getting slightly delayed – not a bad thing – after all it is best to get it right, read more in Cloudbook delay. Dell have recently joined the SME low cost PC bandwagon with their The low cost Dell Vostro range. Vista Home Edition on a laptop for a low price? The machines are available in both laptop and desktop formats and are really worth looking into especially if budgets are tight.

Have you ever sat at a Google search bar and couldn’t think of anything to type in? Then just mabye someone may have asked if you are you Goofling, Goggling or Gooping? Ok, maybe not – but what would you call it?

Monk and Norris have been busy this week – they won a prize draw for free flight in a hot air balloon. Monk took his brand new mobile phone but somehow I don’t think it will survive the latest drop test. Thanks Norris but I don’t think that Bluetooth was designed with that sort of distance in mind.

Tips for the week: Perhaps you have been receiving 0×8004010F error message when with Outlook and Exchange 2007 Server – we have a fix for that. Or perhaps Error: VDD. Virtual Device Driver format in the registry is invalid is your problem?

Finally, I have a rare few days off work this week so what am I up to holidaying, resting, feet up with a nice cup of tea? Nope – I am at University catching up on some important project work. No rest eh? Mind you I am off to a Microsoft Seminar this week where we are learning all about .Net development.

By Jason Slater

Technology journalist and blogger, software developer, ex-IT Manager.