The Technology week in view: 23rd April 2008

Dealing with a cold (man flu my partner calls it) is not the sort of virus I was planning to write about in a technology review but it has that knack of impacting on most aspects of every day life especially as it dulls the reflexes somewhat. This is what happened when I heard about the Live Mesh Technical Preview beta (Live Mesh – are we finally breaking free from the desk?) – by the time I got my lethargic mind round to signing up – the preview program was full. But if like me you want to be added to the waiting list then head on over to

Interest in Live Mesh follows on from recent interest in all things Web 2.0 and in particular the idea of what is Web 2.0 in 2008. I just hope that with all this additional bandwidth – my Internet broadband connection will remain up to the job – especially as I am so far from the local exchange – that last mile seems somewhat longer than a mile these days. Even Blog posting is taking much longer than it used to.

If you run a Blog and use ranking or comparison sites to assess your audience reach you may have been wondering Why your Alexa ranking has changed dramatically. It seems the people over at Alexa have been busy rethinking their strategy and are now taking into account more information than the merry band of Alexa toolbar users activities alone.

On a lighter note, our new Daily Notion micro-blog is really taking off with some highlights being you will not believe what happened to me … and when nothing makes sense.

By Jason Slater

Technology journalist and blogger, software developer, ex-IT Manager.