The gPhone from Google is a Go

According to one blogger‘s inside source at Google, the ‘gPhone‘ (not its actual name), or Google smartphone is for real, and could potentially be out in Q1 2008. Here are some of the features that it’s speculated to have: Google Maps with GPS, Google Talk, VoIP, Gmail, Google Productivity Apps, essentially all of the Google Suite. It’s supposed to be based on a modified Linux kernel (sweet!). I wasn’t crazy about the iPhone, although the touchscreen is really nice, and the browser makes surfing the web on a phone painless. However, hand me a Linux-based device that will be hacked to kingdom come, and I’ll jump at that.

There is (has been) a lot of speculation that Google is/isn’t going to jump into the smartphone business, and my take is that they will. Why not? Considering that something like 90% of their income is from online advertising, what happens if that market drops out from under them? They need to diversify, and what better way to get people seeing their ads than having them be connected to their site and apps all of the time?

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  1. I do not know if the GPhone will be out or not but if it will come out it will surely be a great mobile phone. Google did not deny that it would come out but also did not say it will. I sure hope it will!

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