The Cyborg Consumer?

By Sean Carton

Are you ready for “cyborg consumers”? You’d better be. They’re already here, according to Markus Giesler. According to Giesler, the iPod is a great example of what happens when consumers unite with technology that fits their lives. More than just a music player, the iPod is a personal soundtrack, a memory device, and a gadget that carries around all the digital information we collect. As a result, a person and an iPod together form a cybernetic unit, one in which the device becomes essential to the person’s identity and wellbeing. The cyborg consumer is embedded in a hybrid entertainment matrix, one in which they’re always on and always connected, both technologically and socially.

Academic mumbo jumbo? Don’t be so quick to dismiss it. Though this description of the iPod user may seem a little breathless to those of you embedded in the realities of the business world, there’s a lot of evidence to support the notion that technology is changing consumer behavior.

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