Mac Mini LIVEdigitally Review: They say less is More. I say less is Perfect!

By Luis Sosa
LD Writer

The Japanese believe in the power of minimalism.

If the world made sense the Mac mini would come from Sony, a Japanese company. Instead, however, it is a product made by Apple Computers out of Cupertino, Ca.

The mini reflects Apple’s understanding of a fundamental truth in computers: people are no longer swayed to buy a new computer simply because it is faster. During the early to mid 90’s, not upgrading your computer meant being relegated to obsolete, slow-running software and much less usability. These rules are gone (for now at least). The adoption of the Internet shifted the importance of “megabytes” and “gigahertz” to the importance of bandwidth. This shift is now being followed by a shift towards the concept Apple embraced at the beginning of this century: the digital hub. The Mac mini is the perfect digital hub and here’s why.

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