Magnetic Wood-Fitting Cat Door – White

Magnetic Wood-Fitting Cat Door - White

A common complaint about pet doors is that it allows for the possibility of stray animals entering the home. Catwalk’s Magnetic Wood-Fitting Cat Door solves that problem by only allowing entry to your pets. How? Catwalk’s Multi-Magnetic System has a similar action to that of electromagnetic doors, without having the problems often associated with these types of doors, such as battery or electrical failure. A small magnet is attached to the pet collar, which activates the Multi-Magnets operating the opening latch to allow pet entry. Once the pet has entered, the system will automatically close the latch.

You can even leave town, knowing your cat will be able to come and go as he pleases, but strays will remain outside. The Magnetic Wood-Fitting Cat Door’s flap is manufactured from tough, high-impact Polycarbonate. Its generous size will admit even large cats, as well as small dogs! The Cat Door self-drains condensation build-up and moisture, and its weather seal will reduce drafts associated with other pet doors. The Cat Door’s four-way manual locking system will allow you flexibility in mandating your pet’s movements: choose from In Only, Out Only, In and Out, or Locked, denying access from either side, should such a situation be warranted. Installation is easy – your home handyman will be able to fit it easily into your door using only the provided four stainless-steel screws.

The Magnetic Wood-Fitting Cat Door comes with two collar magnets for your cats. Have more than two cats? Not a problem! Additional magnets are sold separately. This cat door is also available without the magnetic properties. It has all the same features except for the magnetic operating system.

NOTE: Magnetic doors are designed for cats older than 9 months of age, Catwalk does not advise fitting magnetic collars to kittens.

Price: $59.99
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