Technology week in view: 11th March 2008

Microsoft are busy bees at the moment with numerous announcements including Windows Server 2008 is go … which version will you get?, Windows XP SP3 is on the way, Office Live Small Business for free? and Microsoft Office Live Workspace BETA. It looks like Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 may soon be released following on from Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 is out on release whilst Microsoft and Apple come to some agreement about push email on the iPhone in Apple iPhone and Microsoft Exchange have a cuddle. Basically speaking, pull email is where you configure your device to check for email at regular intervals whereas push email is where you make an initial connection then the server maintains the connection path and informs your device when new mails are ready.

I have been having my own drama trying to change hosting accounts (Web Hosting with Globat) but have finally settled into my new home with Webfusion. I have now consolidated my various activities onto one VPS which should make backing up and general maintenance much simpler – the sites seem a little quicker too.

At the office, progress is being made in our virtualisation project which is trying to consolidate twelve servers down to just four. We already marked another server down having finally decommissioned the print server and we are making huge progress with the decommissioning of the web server in Virtualisation Update … Web Server. We just have one last piece of software to migrate then we can crack on with the project at full speed.

Finally, Monk and Norris have been out for a picnic in the wireless woods whilst reeling from Monks extremely bad Ethernet joke in Monk102: Token Ring vs Ethernet Networks.

By Jason Slater

Technology journalist and blogger, software developer, ex-IT Manager.