CES 2010: Monsoon’s Volcano Box is Audio-Video Swiss Army Knife – DVR, Placeshifter, Internet TV and More

HAVA maker, Monsoon Multimedia, is still in the gadget game and in particular, the multimedia multi-function types located right at the heart of your AV rig. At CES, they announced and demoed their latest device, the Volcano, which does a slew of things. Sling should be prying this open soon with a microscope close behind.

monsoon multimedia volcano box

The sleek-looking Volcano is an HD device that placeshifts (a la the Slingbox) your live TV or other prerecorded video over the Internet, a DVR, Internet TV (YouTube and CinemaNow for now, but think Boxee and Netflix in future), Apps like Facebook and Twitter, can act as a home media streamer, and can pull videos for export to external media.

Have DVRs succeeded?

Have DVRs not brought the revolution they promised 10 years ago? So argues the Economist, saying that they have not undermined television, but instead done the opposite. I disagree. While television advertising hasn’t collapsed as many experts thought it would in the face of TiVos and other DVRs, being able to easily pause, rewind & fast forward through ‘live’ TV (not to mention act as a VCR) has revolutionized television-watching.

Now the Economist does make a good point which I do agree with, which is that TV now faces a new potential threat in the form of online video sites such as Hulu and the like. However, if TV does get done in, it’ll be by their own hands, as Hulu and other network run sites have been consciously set up by the networks and studios. But I don’t think that will happen. This is a good move by the industry as they realize there’s a growing online audience that isn’t about to migrate back to the living room sofa any time soon.

Digeo rolls out a slew of new features for its Moxi HD DVR

Digeo has rolled out a slew of new features for its Moxi HD DVR. If you have a Moxi DVR, then you can get these new services via a software firmware upgrade for free.

If you don’t have a Moxi, then you’ll want to consider getting one, as here are some of the new features:

Holiday Gift Ideas 2008: TiVo!

Once you start watching TV using a DVR, you know you can’t go back. It beats watching live TV by oh, at least 1 million miles!

If you’ve got a friends or family who don’t have a DVR (TiVo or built into their cable/satellite box, or a homebrew system or something similar), then this can be a great gift.

Right now TiVo is offering a deal of 3 months FREE with a subscription.

A brand new TiVo Series2â„¢ Dual Tuner DVR is $149.99 or a brand new TiVo HD DVR is $299.99.

Nero LiquidTV – TiVo for your PC

Nero and TiVo have teamed up to create Nero LiquidTV which is software version of TiVo that runs on your PC. LiquidTV has most of the same features as a regular TiVo box plus some additional ones that you can only get on a PC. Not only can you watch shows that you recorded on your PC on your PC, but also on your TV in your home network as well. HD recording is included and you can also burn your shows to DVD or transfer to portable devices like your iPod or PSP.

Of course, you’ll need a subscription to TiVo to get the guide info. LiquidTV will be available in about 2 weeks. It will come in 2 versions: 1 is just the software that you can download for $99, and there’s also a retail package that includes a WinTV-HVR-950Q TV tuner card from Hauppauge.

Get TiVo service free for 3 months

To celebrate the launch of the new Fall TV season, TiVo is now offering three months of service for free when purchasing one of its two most popular DVRs.

You can choose between a TiVo 80-hour standard definition DVR or a TiVo HD DVR and receive no service fees for the first three months. Regularly $12.95/month, that’s $38.85 in savings.


TiVo HD XL DVR – 150 hours of HD recording

TiVo has a new HD DVR box – the HD XL that boasts a capacity of 150 hours (about 1 terabyte (TB)) of High Def recording. The HD XL also sports a tri-tuner that lets you record 2 HD channels while watching a 3rd live.

As far as HD support goes, the XL supports 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i, as well as native and hybrid modes, and of course HDMI out.

And since you’ll need a TiVo subscription to get the channel guide info, you will get features such as being able to control your TiVo from anywhere on the Net, transfer shows between TiVos on your home network, save shows on your computer, iPod or even your PSP.

This just scratches the surface of the feature set, so be sure to check out the full list.


Price: $599.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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