Nero LiquidTV – TiVo for your PC

Nero and TiVo have teamed up to create Nero LiquidTV which is software version of TiVo that runs on your PC. LiquidTV has most of the same features as a regular TiVo box plus some additional ones that you can only get on a PC. Not only can you watch shows that you recorded on your PC on your PC, but also on your TV in your home network as well. HD recording is included and you can also burn your shows to DVD or transfer to portable devices like your iPod or PSP.

Of course, you’ll need a subscription to TiVo to get the guide info. LiquidTV will be available in about 2 weeks. It will come in 2 versions: 1 is just the software that you can download for $99, and there’s also a retail package that includes a WinTV-HVR-950Q TV tuner card from Hauppauge.

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