Solar Powered Sun Jar

Pink Solar Sun Jar

If you’re looking for something to brighten up your dark nights then the solar powered sun jar might just be for you. Throughout the day it charges via light from the sun and when it gets dark it releases its glow out into the night. For the spiritually-minded of you out there you might want to think of it as capturing a little piece of the sun in a jar, and releasing it later on.

The jars are available in a variety of colors; pink, blue and sun colored and can be used indoors or out (just beware of it attracting midges!) as it is ‘splash proof’. It’s a really nice way to create a unique ambiance on a lovely summer night

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Price: $29.43
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

UVSunSense Wristbands – tells you when to reapply sunscreen

UVSunSense Wristband

Skin Cancer is becoming a bigger problem – but here’s a little gizmo to help you reduce your risk. Presenting the UVSunSense Wristband. While there are other devices that warn you of excessive exposure to UV radiation, this one will actually tell you when you need to apply more sunscreen. Think of it as a cheaper, and perhaps cooler version of the Portable UV Monitor.

When you’re applying your sun screen, simply take a moment to apply a little to your wristband as well, over the words, and when they change color you know you need to reapply. For a simple (and perhaps eventually live-saving) gadget, a mere $6 will buy you 7 wristbands – enough for a good long stay on the beach!

Now we just need to design one with an alarm in it so that it can wake you up need to reapply when you’ve dozed off.

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Price: $5.87 for 7 wristbands
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

Oracle to buy Sun Microsystems

oracle-logosun-logoIn what seems to be a rather bizarre marriage, Oracle will snap up Sun for approximately $7 billion after IBM declined to up their bid. Oracle is primarily a software company and this will be a huge foray into hardware for them, although they will get Sun’s operating systems, Java and other software assets.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a good feeling for this. If Oracle doesn’t turn around Sun’s slow performing areas, I can see them taking an axe to them quickly.

So long Sun – I have fond memories of your products and technology.

IBM may buy Sun Microsystems

IBM may buy Sun Microsystems in what may be a $7 billion deal. Apparently, IBM is offering $10/share which at the time the news came out was more than twice Sun’s then stock price.

IBM would be purchasing a fellow hardware and software vendor, and there is a decent amount of discussion and speculation as to what they are primarily after. After all, IBM has invested a fair amount into Java development, tools and solutions. Further speculation is that IBM does not care for the hardware component, but Sun has considerable high-end mainframe-type hardware in its repertoire.

Of further concern is how the industry will react and in particular, Sun customers and users. As a former Solaris sys admin, I know that Solaris shops & admins are fiercely loyal to the OS; and so are many of the Java developers.

I for one, will miss Sun should this come to pass, as I felt that Sun was very much there from the very beginning of the growth of the public Internet and World Wide Web.

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