Netflix no longer requires disc for PS3 and Wii

Wii and PS3 offer disc-less Netflix streamingComing on the heels of Netflix announcing that PS3 consumers no longer need a disc to stream Netflix content, Netflix customers with a Wii console can begin streaming movies from the service without the Netflix disc starting this week.

Last week, Sony launched the disc-less service for PS3 console customers. PS3 customers, unlike Wii customers, will be able to view Netflix content in high-definition viewing with surround sound.

Google teams up with Intel, Sony to make Google TV set-top boxes

Google is pushing to get Android into other hardware, such as set-top boxes, and in turn to get their ads into more markets and in front of more eyeballs. To that ends, they have teamed up with Sony and Intel to develop something called, naturally, Google TV.

google tvGoogle TV is pretty much a re-imagining of the ill-fated WebTV, where a set-top box brings the Web to your TV screen. Of course, today, there are many different set-top boxes vying for your dollars and space in your AV shelf, including but not limited to media centers, DVRs, place-shifting boxes (like the Slingbox) and much more.

Who knows? Perhaps this version could fare better (think Palm vs the Newton). Of course, the Internet’s pervasiveness is exponentially greater than when WebTV first appeared.

One additional difference will be that the Google Android platform will allow for the software to be embedded in more devices than just the set-top box.

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Most expensive Sony PS3 is covered in solid gold

sony ps3 supremeIn case you don’t know what you’re looking at, because of all of the shiny gold, then that’s a Playstation 3 (PS3) decked out in 1,600g of solid 22ct gold. As if that wasn’t enough, there are 58 individual 0.5ct diamonds flanking the disc loading drawer.

If you’d like one, hurry because they only made 3, and at the bargain price of under £200k, they’ll go fast! 😉

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Price: £199,995
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CES 2010: Sony, IMAX and Discovery Teaming Up to Launch 3D TV Network

Sony, Discovery (Channel) and IMAX are teaming up [press release] to launch a 3D TV network in the US, but not until 2011.

It remains to be seen whether the actual 3D programming will be limited or not. After all, it’s not like IMAX productions number in the thousands. On the other hand, we’re suprised at how quickly home 3D technology and content seems to be taking off.

Sony to test out their 3D tech by recording World Cup games

Sony is using just about the most-viewed event on Earth (the FIFA World Cup) to test out and promote their 3-D technology. Sony is going to record up to 25 of the soccer games in 3-D. Unfortunately, the end result is only going to be visible at special FIFA events in June and July during the World Cup next year (2010), and then for highlights when Sony starts selling their 3-D TVs and video cameras.

As much as the gadget and soccer geeks in me is drooling at the thought of 3-D footie, the realistic part of me is saying that this is really 1st gen tech, and home 3-D very well may be pricey and not live up to the probably hype.

Sony Playstation3 comes in 2 new sizes and has a sleeker new look

As hard drive prices have come down, storage amounts have increased. So much so that even gaming consoles are pushing up the storage amounts while the price has remained the same or even dropped.

Case in point is Sony’s Playstation3 system which has a sleeker new look as well as a few new sizes: 120GB and 250GB. There is also a 160GB version, but that is in the old style.

Still has a bunch of the same features: Wi-Fi connectivity, HDMI output, and of course, the Blu-ray DVD player.

The 120GB system includes a DualShock3 wireless controller and a free PlayStationNetwork membership.

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Price: $299.99 for 120GB; $349.99 for 250GB; $399.99 for 160GB Drake’s Fortune bundle.
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Sony and Netflix got together so you can stream Netflix movies to your PS3

Got a PlayStation3 ? Then you might want to think about getting one, because Sony just came up with one more reason for you to buy one: Netflix. Yes, Sony and Netflix got together so that you can stream Netflix movies to your PS3.

As long as you have a Netflix account, there is no extra charge. Launches next month. Sign up at

Sony Ericsson MH907 earbuds – motion sensing

Sony just rolled out the world’s first ‘motion sensing’ earbuds. Well, that’s how they’re pitching it, but technically, it doesn’t sense motion. It senses body contact (electrical capacitance trick), similar to how some touchscreens work.

Anyway, the MH907 earbuds has 2 main functions – plug both buds into your ears and your music starts; remove one and it pauses. Got an Ericsson phone equipped with Fast Port? Then when you get a call, you can plug in a a bud and automatically answer the phone. Hang up by removing the bud. I could see that leading to some unwanted hang-ups, but still cool.

Available now in the UK, in yellow-white and chrome.

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