Anonymizer Universal

Review: Anonymizer Universal, Privacy and Identify Protection

Anonymizer UniversalThe Geeks received an invitation to test Anonymizer, Inc.’s new consumer-based online privacy and identity protection service called Anonymizer Universal which was released in June. Anonymizer Universal creates a secure and encrypted VPN tunnel between the user and The Anonymizer Network to prevent interception of identifiable information, or “packet sniffing.” The technology protects the user by replacing their personal IP Address with an anonymous IP Address daily. One of the differentiators from other anonymizer’s that are browser-based, Anonymizer Universal works for all Internet activity including accessing the web, obtaining email, streaming music, instant messaging and playing online games.

In addition to traditional Windows and Mac Operating Systems, Anonymizer Universal also protects a user’s mobile Internet activities. For example Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices use a “Connect/Disconnect” interface that runs silently in the background to establish and tear down the VPN session. The service only requires a simple download, and can be up and running immediately. Anonymizer Universal’s retail price is $79.99 (U.S.) per year, and is available via the company’s website ( and select Anonymizer Authorized Resellers which provides a license good for one computer and one mobile Apple device.

This video was created to demonstrate the service:

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Review: The SAFE – Encrypted Info Vault on a USB Drive

The SAFE Encrypted Data VaultSecure USB flash drives seems to be a GfG meme these days, so it’s fitting that we review one such product in more depth.

The SAFE from Life Link International is an encrypted 2GB USB thumb drive that comes pre-loaded with over 40 forms on which you can enter personal information. The main point of The SAFE is, as the name suggests, an electronic safe to store important personal data. It isn’t really meant to be a general storage thumb drive.

LOK-IT Secure USB Flash Drive encrypts and authenticates

LOK-IT Secure USB Flash Drive

Just today, I was explaining to someone why they needed to encrypt or at least password-protect their USB flash drive. There is one simple, overarching reason – if you lose it, someone else has easy access to all the data on your thumb drive, and they’re easy to lose/forget about. …

Legacy Locker ensures your digital assets are passed onto your beneficiaries when you die

One of GfG’s friends, Jeremy Toeman (of LIVEdigitally fame) has co-founded what we feel is an indispensable service for anyone that ‘lives’ online in any sense of the word. It’s called Legacy Locker (LL) and is essentially a secure store for your online assets, things such as passwords, account info, & documents. More importantly, it provides a mechanism for securely and safely conveying this information to your beneficiary if you pass away.

It works relatively simply: you sign up for an account, and start adding what are known as assets (an example would be the username and password to your e-mail account). You assign a beneficiary to each asset you have, and you can change those whenever you’d like. If you pass away, one of 2 persons that you assigned must contact LL to inform them. LL performs verification using humans, so you need not worry about ‘computer error’ or inadequate checks. LL then securely passes on your digital assets to your name beneficiaries.

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