LOK-IT Secure USB Flash Drive encrypts and authenticates

LOK-IT Secure USB Flash Drive

Just today, I was explaining to someone why they needed to encrypt or at least password-protect their USB flash drive. There is one simple, overarching reason – if you lose it, someone else has easy access to all the data on your thumb drive, and they’re easy to lose/forget about.

Here’s another product, mainly geared to organizations, that secures the data via encryption and authenticates the user trying to access it. The LOK-IT Secure Flash Drive handles both encryption (256-bit AES) and authentication on the drive itself without the need to install or manage any additional software.

One look at the drive and you’ll recognize that this isn’t your standard USB stick. It has multiple LED indicators and a PIN keypad and encases the whole thing in an epoxy shield. Video demo.

Available, in 2, 4, 8, and 16GB sizes, the 4GB 10-key version costs about $62, but that’s probably in some minimum bulk quantity.


  1. Hi There from the UK

    This product has been upgraded – it now features a 10 digit pin pad and has an aluminium casing with epoxy filling and is finished in black – looks and operates a "thousand times" better that the one featured in this review.

    The product can now be purchased in the UK at http://www.lok-it.co.uk

    All the best

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