Geek Salt and Pepper Shakers

Chemistry Salt and Pepper Shakers Earn your geek cred at your next dinner party with these scientific salt and pepper shakers. The salt pepper (known as Sodium Chloride) includes the formula of NaCl while the pepper would have to be represented by over 100 volatile compounds so the inventors of the shakers decided to go with Pe + (Pe)r.

If the chemistry formula’s on the salt and pepper shakers don’t catch your fancy, perhaps one of these other geek salt and pepper shakers will:

Salt and Pepper Shaker in the shape of a human brain.

Shakers that look like hand grenades.

Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Shaker.

Salt and Pepper Robot Shakers.

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USB Robot Flash Drive


Novelty USB flash drives are always popular – you think of it, it has probably been made! This little find is a rather cute retro robot that also serves as a 1GB flash drive – simply pop his head off to reveal a USB plug, plug him into the computer and away you go. To make this product even cuter, his eyes light up when files are being transferred! He comes in blue, green and black and special editions might be released in the future.

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iSOBOT – Tiny fully articulating Humanoid Robot

If you’d like to just take in a thousand words in the form of a moving picture, hit the jump for a cool video of all of the moves and features this robot has. The iSOBOT from Tomy is the next Robosapien. Coming in a tiny, but powerful 6.5″ tall, he is a fully articulating bot that not only can move about like he’s an octopus, but is programmable and can react to voice commands.

The magic is in his 17 customized servomotors with built-in clutches; a gyro-sensor for balance and 17 points of articulation in the neck, arms, hands, legs, and feet allow human-like movement. You can alternate between the four modes (manual control, special actions, programmed sequences, and voice command) at the touch of a button, and the remote even has an integrated LCD screen. …

iRobot – Your Stock is Rising… Maybe?

I’ve really had a love hate relationship with iRobot, and I’m currently leaning towards hate right now as I’ve had issues with the two iRobots I’ve owned. Both iRobots had batteries that died quickly (less than a year) and neither of my iRobot’s were able to every dock by themselves as well. One of them started freaking out and iRobot’s response was send in to get it fixed for a hefty little fee. I now have two iRobots and neither work!

I’ve nearly written iRobot off until I received an email from “The iRobot Team” asking for iRobot owners to become part of a iRobot Advisory Panel. The iRobot Team mentions that the feedback from web-based surveys “will play an important role in the development and enhancement of iRobot products.”

The way I see it, these surveys can play out in one of two ways for iRobot. Either iRobot will legitimately use the data being provided and utilize surveys that will actually help shape their future products or they created a relationship with a marketing group to monetize their list of contacts. We’ll let you know…

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