Mvix updates Ultio media player – Ultio Pro can now record with DVR

mvix ultio pro mx-880hdMvixUSA has updated their flagship media center product, the Ultio, to now include DVR (digital video recording) capabilities. The Ultio Pro plays back Blu-ray quality 1080p hi-def video, photos, and music on your high-def TV via HDMI and stores it all on its internal hard drive which you can get as large as 2TB.

And now, the Pro can record video on the fly from your cable/satellite TV, your camcorder or from DVDs, instead of acting just as a repository. The Ultio Pro is a virtual Swiss Army knife of video, image and audio formats including: mp4, avi, iso, asf, wmv, flv, mkv, rm, ts, mpg, vob, mp3, wma, aac, ogg, flac, jpg, bmp and gif. To see the full list, download the Formats PDF from MvixUSA.

And of course, the Ultio Pro plays back media from your network and the Internet, including from your computer and from services liks Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more.

Buy now!
Price: $169 without hard drive; $384 with 2TB drive. (You can buy the barebones version and insert whatever sized drive you’d like.)
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

ZigBee’s latest spec, ZigBee Pro aims to consolidate Home Automation market


We all got a little fed up of hearing about HD-DVD battling Blu-Ray and various other format wars we’ve had over the years, but we seem to have found ourselves caught in another – ZigBee, INSTEON and Z-Wave are battling out to try and win you over for your home automation needs. Both ZigBee and Z-Wave use RF networks to allows you to control various home automated appliances around the home and now ZigBee has a new update to their offerings.

ZigBee are soon to be releasing their new update, ZigBee Pro, which allows communication across numerous different manufacturers’ products, most notably Control4, LG and Black & Decker (door locks, not power tools!) and will be available with a simple firmware update for these appliances. Perhaps the future will see some of the bigger home automation companies jumping on board as well which may help ZigBee to get the market leader title.

Apple announces new MacBook laptops at WWDC Conf

Apple announced some new models to their laptop line today at their WWDC conference (Worldwide Developer Conference). For starters, the MacBook Air is going to become significantly more affordable – $300 to $700 more so, and MacBook’s now start at $999.

The 13″ MacBook with 2GB RAM, 160GB HD and GeForce 9400M graphics card can be had starting at $999. MacBook Pros start at $1199 and the MacBook Airs start at $1499, which represents a $300 drop from the previous entry-level Air. You can find all the new MacBooks on Apple’s site.

Microsoft Windows XP copies still available

As you know, Windows XP isn’t going to be around forever, and let’s face it, technology is constantly changing, so you may not want to run it forever. However, we can’t blame you if you don’t care for Vista, and who knows if Windows 7 will really be a ‘cure’? So while you’re waiting for W7, don’t wait to snag a last-minute copy of Windows XP. Home and Professional editions are still available right now.

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