FOTOBOX Plus automagically creates slideshows from your digital photos

fotobox plusPlug your SD memory card with digital photographs into Honestech’s FOTOBOX, plug the FOTOBOX in your PC and the FOTOBOX application runs you through a quick wizard and quickly creates a slideshow complete with effects.

You can transfer the finished product to DVD, YouTube, your iPod or save on your computer. That’s it!

Honestech makes the excellent VHS to DVD product (VHS to DVD Deluxe) that we reviewed previously.

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Price: $52.25
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Review: – Photo to Poster service

We recently encountered a new service called PostersPrinting which will take your digital photo and turn it into a quality poster which you can then frame or perhaps use for presentations. We took this service out for a test run and were very pleased with the results. Read on for the review.

Picasa available for Mac

Picasa on a MacOnce again the Geeks must keep an eye on the happenings at MacWorld while at CES as Google announced a Mac version of Picasa.

Previously Google offered only a Windows version of Picasa and placated Mac users with a standalone Picasa Web Albums uploader and an iPhoto plugin. Picasa and Mac lovers can now rejoice as the Mac release finally provides the advanced sharing and sync features of Picasa to the Mac OS X users and the release provides the “it-slices-and-dices” feature list that covers everything from color balance to collages.

Picasa for the Mac works like other platforms by offering some great trademark features including non-destructive editing, and the ability to keep track of photos anywhere on your hard drive, then automatically account for new images as you add them. This last feature finally tackles an issue I have had with iPhoto!

To run Picasa, you’ll need an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.4 and above.

Picasa 3 is out with lots of new features

Picasa was already a pretty damn good application for managing photos and even videos. Version 3 of Picasa has even more cool features. Here’s a taste:

  • Retouch your pics with a little airbrushing without needing to know Photoshop
  • movie editing and creating using your photos, movies and music
  • Upload your pics to Picasa Web (sync too)
  • Add text to your photos.

There’s more… but just download it and find out first hand, or read to your heart’s content over at Google.

Fotoviewr – turn your Flickr photos into a slideshow

Fotoviewr is a new (free) Web-based service to turn your Flickr (or SmugMug) photos into a cooler interactive slideshow for your friends and family. You could easily get a slideshow set up in less than a minute with Fotoviewr – just plug in a Flickr/SmugMug username, then select the photoset you want to display and third, the type of slideshow you want. Fotoviewr has 6 different types of slideshows from a carousel to a wall of photos to a pile of photos on the floor.

While I love Flickr for its clean website, I find it a bit slow. Fotoviewr speeds things up by preloading the photos and making it significantly faster to browse. Fotoviewr has also built an application for you Facebook junkies.

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