Google Releases Beta Versions of Chrome Browser for Mac and Linux

The Google Chrome team has released beta versions of its browser for the Mac OS X and Linux platforms. You can download the latest versions from the Chrome website. In addition, there are now over 300 extensions that are available for the Windows and Linux platforms for extending the browser’s functionality.

Red Hat releases Fedora 11 Linux

Fedora 11, codenamed Leonidas, was released by Red Hat on Tues. Fedora 11, which is free from Red Hat, unlike its Enterprise cousin has a number of new features such as a piece of middleware called OpenChange that gives universal access to MS Exchange from any client. But perhaps the most significant change is the… Continue reading Red Hat releases Fedora 11 Linux

#CES09: Bug Labs announces 5 new BUG modules

We first featured Bug Labs and their ‘open source’ hardware platform which features a Linux heart back in late 2007. Bug Labs is still around and announced 5 new modules at CES: BUGprojector, BUGsound, BUGbee, BUGwifi, and BUG3g GSM. BUGprojector: the mini DLP-based projector Now you can display video from your BUG as big as… Continue reading #CES09: Bug Labs announces 5 new BUG modules

Cheapest Laptop – now at $130

Taiwanese company, Carapelli Ltd., is selling what is currently being billed as the world’s cheapest laptop. The Impulse NPX-9000 laptop is a tiny guy in more than 1 respect – 7″ screen, 500Mhz CPU (brand?), 128MB RAM, 1GB flash storage. It naturally comes with Linux and a bunch of (probably open source) productivity software. Just… Continue reading Cheapest Laptop – now at $130

Nokia buys the rest of Symbian; will open source it

In a somewhat surprising, yet not so surprising move, Nokia bought up the rest of Symbian that it didn’t already own and will open-source the cell phone OS platform. Why? This is the strategy du jour in this age of Linux vs Microsoft, and now Android (Linux basically) vs iPhone/Win Mobile/Blackberry. It’s a $410 million… Continue reading Nokia buys the rest of Symbian; will open source it

HP Mini-Note 8.9″ Aluminum Laptop

Finally, the US gets it! Geeks are moving from the high end performance (and heavy) laptops to the ultra-portables in droves. While this market has been hot in other countries throughout Europe as well as the Asian markets including Japan, it took the Asus Eee PC to ignite the passion for ultra-portables here. While the… Continue reading HP Mini-Note 8.9″ Aluminum Laptop