Cheapest Laptop – now at $130

Taiwanese company, Carapelli Ltd., is selling what is currently being billed as the world’s cheapest laptop. The Impulse NPX-9000 laptop is a tiny guy in more than 1 respect – 7″ screen, 500Mhz CPU (brand?), 128MB RAM, 1GB flash storage. It naturally comes with Linux and a bunch of (probably open source) productivity software. Just one caveat – you need to buy at least 100 to get it at the $130 price.

Despite the fact that Linux can run pretty nicely (without a window manager) on 128MB of memory, running a GUI and a modern browser will probably result in a slow crawler of a machine. We recommend you look to spend north of $400 to get a decent machine that you wouldn’t want to toss out the window on day 2.

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