Char-Broil Grill2Go Ice

Football season is here at last after hybernating over the spring and summer months, the old pigskin is flying again! Football season begets tailgate season and every year innovative tailgating products are introduced including this Char-Broil gas grill from the Grill2Go series that includes a couple of coolers that you attach to the bottom shelf… Continue reading Char-Broil Grill2Go Ice

Cruzin Cooler

Have you ever thought about attaching wheels and a motor to your cooler? So have I. Unfortunately someone beat us to it and created the Cruzin Cooler. Forget the days where you lug a heavy ice chest to your next picnic site, tailgate party, or boat. Load up the motorized cooler, grab a cold one… Continue reading Cruzin Cooler

Sony to test out their 3D tech by recording World Cup games

Sony is using just about the most-viewed event on Earth (the FIFA World Cup) to test out and promote their 3-D technology. Sony is going to record up to 25 of the soccer games in 3-D. Unfortunately, the end result is only going to be visible at special FIFA events in June and July during… Continue reading Sony to test out their 3D tech by recording World Cup games

Teckell Glass Foosball Table

Recently we’ve found ways to bring retro products in to the modern world and this glass Foosball table by Teckell is no exception; it takes all the ‘traditional’ aspects of gameplay, and mixes it with extreme styling more fitting for today’s world. The table is made out of glass walls and pitch, and has little… Continue reading Teckell Glass Foosball Table