Char-Broil Grill2Go Ice

Char-Broil 08401504 Grill2Go ICE Portable Gas Grill Football season is here at last after hybernating over the spring and summer months, the old pigskin is flying again! Football season begets tailgate season and every year innovative tailgating products are introduced including this Char-Broil gas grill from the Grill2Go series that includes a couple of coolers that you attach to the bottom shelf of the grill to provide a restful and cool place for your tasty beverages.

Furthermore, the Grill2Go Ice has a collapsible design with 2 wheels and a lift-and-lock mechanism similar to rolling luggage with a stay-cool lid handle for easy transport. The removable coolers are each 30-quart coolers while the grill can cool burgers, sausages, brats and ribs over a 290 square inch area. The only downside I see is that the grill collapsed does not include the propane tank so you’ll need to make sure you bring along a strong friend that can carry that!

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Price: $199.99
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Cruzin Cooler

Cruzin Cooler Have you ever thought about attaching wheels and a motor to your cooler? So have I. Unfortunately someone beat us to it and created the Cruzin Cooler.

Forget the days where you lug a heavy ice chest to your next picnic site, tailgate party, or boat. Load up the motorized cooler, grab a cold one and hop on. Think how many tailgate sites you could using the Cruzin Cooler. Forget about having to pay to use a golf cart, just strap the clubs on the cooler!

Everyone who sees it goes nuts over it – you will be the life of any party. In testing, Smarthome rode it around the office and brought it to the beach & football games and had hundreds of people come up to us to find out where to buy one.

The Cooler motor changes using a regular 110 plug-in adapter and provides a 15-mile range per charge. This motorized ice chest holds up to (24) 12-ounce cans of your favorite beverages, and thanks to a built-in motor, you can travel at up to 13 miles per hour while sitting comfortably. The Cruzin Cooler is capable of holding over 300 pounds – body weight plus cargo.

This description is for a 500-watt version of the Cruzin Cooler. There is a smaller 300-watt version too that can handle up to a 210 pound person.

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Price: $499

(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

Sony to test out their 3D tech by recording World Cup games

Sony is using just about the most-viewed event on Earth (the FIFA World Cup) to test out and promote their 3-D technology. Sony is going to record up to 25 of the soccer games in 3-D. Unfortunately, the end result is only going to be visible at special FIFA events in June and July during the World Cup next year (2010), and then for highlights when Sony starts selling their 3-D TVs and video cameras.

As much as the gadget and soccer geeks in me is drooling at the thought of 3-D footie, the realistic part of me is saying that this is really 1st gen tech, and home 3-D very well may be pricey and not live up to the probably hype.

Teckell Glass Foosball Table

Teckell Glass Foosball Table

Recently we’ve found ways to bring retro products in to the modern world and this glass Foosball table by Teckell is no exception; it takes all the ‘traditional’ aspects of gameplay, and mixes it with extreme styling more fitting for today’s world.

The table is made out of glass walls and pitch, and has little wooden pegs for the players, with a basic white net at each side. Unknown is how well this stands up to the abuse I’ve seen doled out to foosball tables. I’ve been party to warping a few rods and breaking a few of those little soccer players!

via Gizmodo.

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