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AirStash Wireless Flash Drive makes File Sharing easy

AirStash Wireless Flash DriveThought you’d just about got USB flash drives all worked out? Sorry guys, they were so0o last year.

The new standard for portable media transfer will soon become wireless, with AirStash leading the way. However, this isn’t just a device to take files around on and distribute between computers, it’s so much more.

The AirStash is a mini media server and Wi-Fi access point meaning that any device with Wi-Fi capabilities can access the files on it through a Wi-Fi connection that it creates (that’s right, you don’t even need to be on a network to use it!).

LOK-IT Secure USB Flash Drive encrypts and authenticates

LOK-IT Secure USB Flash Drive

Just today, I was explaining to someone why they needed to encrypt or at least password-protect their USB flash drive. There is one simple, overarching reason – if you lose it, someone else has easy access to all the data on your thumb drive, and they’re easy to lose/forget about. …

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