WidgetCast turns you into a Flash/AIR widget design wizard

WidgetCastIf you’re a webmaster, designer or even a social media markter, you probably have used and/or know about the power of dynamic and interactive applications for your website. But building those types of apps, even a little widget isn’t trivial. Enter WidgetCast.

WidgetCast is a development environment that lets you piece together media of your choice – images, video, audio, RSS feeds, even PowerPoint slides – and create widgets for your site that can even then be embedded in other sites.

Lockheed Martin makes self-contained PC on a USB Thumb Drive

In what seems like a strange jump for a defense contractor, Lockheed Martin just introduced IronClad, a complete PC on a USB flash drive. IronClad contains all of the operating system, applications and user data in the 8GB stick made in conjunction with storage vendor, IronKey.

lockheed martin ironclad

The entire stick is encrypted with 256-bit encryption and there’s anti-virus protection for when you plug into unknown computers to run your ‘stick laptop’. The technology to run the OS from the stick was developed by LM.

Makes it sooo much easier to lose your ‘laptop’ now doesn’t it?!

Split Stick – 2 Flash Drives In One

USB Split Stick

Some ‘crazy’ people over at quirky.com have designed a flash drive they named the Split Stick. This is a 2GB, double-ended flash drive that allows you to switch between 2 different memory units by sliding a button along, separating your work from leisure or whatever else it may be that you choose to keep separate.

The units are available in a variety of colors and can be etched with a symbol on each side of the stick to help remember which section is which – you don’t want to be opening up your holiday snaps at work! The price is also very attractive for such a unique product at $24.99 but it is still in the development stage.

This product just leaves me with one question – wouldn’t it have been a lot easier and cost effective to simply partition a 4GB drive?

Preorder now!

Price: $24.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

Adobe Flash coming to a TV near you

Adobe plans to bring its Flash technology to your TV screens by having TVs and set-top boxes built with support for Flash. Flash is the format used for roughly 80% of video online as well as many online video games.

This will certainly make it easier for studios to create content that is viewable on both TV and the Web.

I think that one of the things that needs an update is many of the interfaces and remote controls for the set-top boxes. Why? Because one of the powerful uses of Flash is building applications that are interactive. Take games for example. If Adobe would really like Flash to be used to its fullest, then those set-top boxes need to improve their current horrible non-intuitive interfaces as well as their power (I’m looking at you Motorola).

Adobe expects Flash-supported hardware to begin selling late this year.

iSpring Free converts PowerPoint presentations into Flash

For the geek that has to do presentations, iSpring Free is a neat little tool that converts your PowerPoint presentations into Adobe Flash slideshows. So no more sticking this slides up on the Web, and needing your visitors to download then open up on their computer (and they need to have Powerpoint Viewer at a minimum too).

iSpring runs on Windows supports PowerPoint 2000/XP/2003/2007.

Sony Walkman – Audio/Video, 8GB, and Bluetooth Headphones

Remember when those (horrible) white earphones were the in-thing? Well no more. Now, Sony is giving its Walkman line of Video MP3 players some wireless love with Bluetooth built-in as well as throwing in a pair of BT headphones to go with them.

Available in either an 8GB or a 16GB size, these Flash-memory based players can store thousands of MP3 tunes or hours of video for playback on its 2.4″ LCD screen. Battery life on these guys is up to 36 hrs for audio and 9 for video.

In the audio department, you can also expect WMA and AAC audio support along with the usual MP3 support, not to mention some DRM support.


More info from the manufacturer

Price: 8GB: $269.99, 16GB: $319.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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