BioLogic ReeCharge Portable Rechargeable Battery Pack

BioLogic ReeChargeCharging your gadgets via solar panels is old news and, to be honest, so is charging your gadgets when cycling. However, the BioLogic ReeCharge from Dahon deserves a mention here just for doing it just a little bit cooler than others.

The ReeCharge is a 1600 mAh Lithium Battery that gets strapped to your bike and plugged into your dynamo (not included). When you’re cycling around in the day you won’t need to use your light and so you can instead use the power being generated by your dynamo and store it in this battery. …

Fitbit – track your sleep and daily activity

Fitbit is the latest in a growing number of sleep and health tracking devices. Fitbit sets itself apart in tracking both your sleep habits and phyiscal activity.

fitbit sleep and activity trackerFitbit is a small device that clips to a wristband or piece of clothing while you sleep or go about your daily activities. Its motion sensor gathers data constantly and every time you come into range of the included wireless basestation, it downloads the data and sticks it into your personalized page on the Fitbit website. You can share your data with friends from there if you’d like.

Fitbit tracks how long you sleep vs lay in bed, and how many times you woke up. On the activity front, Fitbit tracks your steps, the intensity and duration of your activity, calories burned and reports on all of it.

Fitbit is aggressively priced at $99 and there is no subscription fee for using their website. It may not be as sophisticated as devices made specifically for sleep OR activity, like the Zeo is for sleep or the Ripxx is for exercise, but it’s only 1 device and much cheaper.

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Price: $99.99
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bodybugg Calorie Management System

Here’s another potential calorie management gadget that you can wear to monitor things like calories burned and even steps taken. The bodybugg is a small piece of electronics that you wear on your arm throughout the day. It has sensors that monitor your calories using metrics such as galvanic skin response, heat flow and skin temperature.

At the end of the day, you upload the info in your bodybugg to your PC or Mac via a USB cable. The small catch is that you have to subscribe to a Web-based application that crunches all the data and presents it to you in graphical and other formats. Fortunately, purchasing the bodybugg gives you 6 months for free.

The bodybugg reminds me of the Cosmed Fitmate and the SenseWear Weight Watcher. And while you’re at it, you should monitor the nutritional value of your food with an EatSmart Nutrition Scale.

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Price: $199.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

Cosmed’s Fitmate tracks metabolism, spits out target caloric needs

Metabolism. Most of us wish ours was a lot higher, mostly so we could eat as many donuts and burgers as we wanted to without gaining weight. Tracking how our body reacts to changes in diet and exercise is tough, slow going work with no bottom-line number to really tell us where we’re at. However, there are devices that can do it, except they’re not in the $100 get-at-Walmart type of gadget.

For example, Cosmed makes a hand-held device that can track just how many calories an individual needs. You just breathe into it for seven minutes and then you get a report with your caloric needs, including how much exercise you need to lose x number of pounds and/or gain lean muscle mass. Just one catch – it costs $7,900.

via PressofAtlanticCity.com

Living With The Wii Fit

We have been using our Wii Fit for just over a month and it has been a fun addition to our household activities. The kids have their favourite games (ahem exercises) of course and we have used it so much we have had to change the batteries already! Overall it has been a worth while purchase and I now wonder why I put off getting one for so long!

I have been wondering if there are any other games around that use the Wii Fit board – can any Gizmos readers recommend anything? It has to be relatively straight forward so my under fives can play it too.

Other than that the music game looks quite fun.

FINIS Aqua Pulse – Swimmer’s Heart Rate Monitor

FINIS Aqua Pulse

With the world swaying more and more towards one where people like to stay in shape, more products are appearing to help you out. Here’s where FINIS have found their niche – they’ve developed a heart-rate monitor to measure your body’s exertion and exercise intensity while swimming. They claim that other products aren’t quite up to the job when it comes to swimming as they keep falling off.

Aqua Pulse works by picking up your heart rate from your earlobe (slightly unusual – have to try that one out sometime) and then tells you the results by sending sound waves through the bones in your ear, as you wouldn’t be able to hear it through a normal speaker. It appears they’ve thought of just everything with this. Hit the read link for a full description and feature list.

More info from the manufacturer

Price: $139.99 (To be released this month)
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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