Make Your Own Lightsaber

Even though a GE Engineer says we lack the force to create a Star Wars Lightsaber, this kit from ThinkGeek says otherwise! The kit has 12 parts (small parts so Jedi’s over 6 years old) that fosters a fun building experience between geek kids and geek mom and dads. While this kit does teach important… Continue reading Make Your Own Lightsaber

USB-powered soldering iron

Yes, you read that title right – it’s a USB-powered soldering iron! Nice! And somehwat appropriate when you think about it – chances are if you’re the soldering iron type, then you’re probably in your den or your basement or your bedroom and you’re very close to a computer. Japanese manufacturer, Thanko has managed to… Continue reading USB-powered soldering iron

Autoloading Screwdriver – fires the right bit into place

Do-It-Yourself can be a pain – especially that small DIY job that’s really precise. This is only exacerbated by not having the right tools for the job. This Autoloading Screwdriver however brings us one step closer to a pain-free life. This device is perfect for the geeky DIY enthusiast as its handle is packed full… Continue reading Autoloading Screwdriver – fires the right bit into place